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A Super Skeleton Theme: Responsive and Rock Solid!

Version 2.0.7 is Up! Featuring SEO (search engine optimization) and speed improvements and better accuracy & efficiency for the scrolling page scripts. Thanks for the outstanding feedback so far guys/gals! Now fully internationalized and ready for translation! Itís FAST now! The finished theme loads in under 0.5 seconds when hosted with WPEngine.

Sold As-Is! Ė Products older than 6 months old are deemed stable and feature-locked. The theme has been tested by hundreds, if not thousands of users and itís rock solid. Weíll release updates as needed, but we wonít be actively answering questions as most everything that can be asked has been asked over at our searchable support forum: Tickets filed for this product will be logged for other buyers to answer, but no one person on our support team will be assigned to answer them.

ShapeShifter for WordPress

Surpassed all expectations and then some. Great theme and great support, each update it gets better and better! ~donescobar

ShapeShifter 2 for WordPress is responsive (try resizing your browser)... that means that itíll flex to fit massive screens, or itty bitty iPhone screens (and everything in between). Touch gestures even work on the slider!

ShapeShifter 2 is the third of my ďSuper SkeletonĒ themes, which feature an incredibly powerful responsive framework, capable of doing layout gymnastics without the need for you to think hard about it. Add your content the way you normally would to a kick-ass WordPress theme, the theme will do the rest for you.

Whatís Included?

  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme and Theme-Options Manager
  • SEO / SEM Ė Search Engine Optimized and Ready for Marketing
  • The Super Skeleton UI Kit (Exclusive Freebie PSD)
  • 3 Minimal skins and 2 fontstacks to start with. (Adding 100+ skins is really silly if you ask me ;) )
  • Fully internationalized and ready for translation!
  • Individual Skinnable PSD files for all major UI elements
  • Organized CSS files, including easy to use Media-Queries sections.
  • Filterable Portfolio/Gallery system
  • Non-Obtrusive Javascript. All major site elements work even on old browsers.
  • The basics: lightbox, image overlay effects, CSS3 (coded to work or degrade gracefully on old browsers), form elements, brandable footer, etc. Everything you would expect from a premium HTML framework.
  • Extensive Documentation

Whatís New In ShapeShifter?

  • A Host of new responsive features not seen in previous SS themes
  • Unique Single Page side scrolling menu system.
  • WayPoints plugin for scrolling location detection.
  • Dynamic Sidebar space.
  • Brand new styling across the entire theme, all built on the Skeleton core, so itís perfect whether youíre new to SS or are transitioning from another SuperSkeleton theme.
  • A brand new, responsive ďTo the TopĒ plugin, perfect for long pages on cell phones.

Thereís a dedicated support forum based on the super cool Ticksy support system! Just file a ticket and weíll get back to you pronto!

Weíve got SEO / SEM and other fancy search engine optimization tricks baked into the theme as wellÖ so itíll get crawled well and people can find ya easier! Thereís even some social stuff included as well! Itís all built on the SuperSkeleton theme system Ė a robust, flexible, magically delicious system thatís collected nearly 6,000 sales in just a couple months!

ShapeShifter is more than a WordPress theme, itís a comprehensive HTML5 framework and it includes a full templating system as well; A collection of several incredibly powerful scripts and CSS structures thatís been tied together into a kit thatís perfect as a jumping off point of your next project.

Oh, and the markup, itís fully standards compliant and written in a way thatís easy to understand. No messy naming sillinessÖ just simple, semantic class names that anyone can understand within minutes. Heck, itís based on the popular, so unless youíve been living under a rock, you know this is going to be pretty simple to use.

ShapeShifter is well organized. Take what you love, leave what you donít, customize the rest. Itís completely in your hands Ė turn it into the next big thing, or just as your little personal projects, itís up to you.

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